Care & Maintenance

If you have bought a Gainsborough product, thank you -you have invested in one of the finest beds or sofa beds available today.

To get the most from your purchase please read these guidelines carefully.

And now… relax.



The luxurious quality of a Gainsborough mattress comes from the finest traditional materials we use. The fillings are designed to mould to your body shape and will naturally settle during the life of the mattress.

The main settlement will occur within the first year, and is perfectly natural. To even out this settlement, and thereby extend the life of your mattress, we recommend the following:

  • In the first three months turn every two weeks as shown on page 6, after that turn every three months.
  • In the case of a non-turn mattress, we recommend rotating at the above intervals.

Each mattress will respond differently to the shape and weight of the individual, with most settlement occurring during the first year.


In the first three months turn every two weeks in the order shown below. After this the mattress should be turned in regular three month intervals. 

Non-turn mattresses should be rotated by 180°.

Please be careful when turning the mattress to avoid injury to yourself or damage to property. We recommend that two people or more grip the mattress on the tape edging between the top panel and border to turn. The handles are not designed to take the weight of the mattress and are intended for final adjustment once it is in place. Do not bend or kink the mattress in any way, as this will damage the springs within. If the mattress is to be stored, it should be laid flat rather than on its side or end.


If your mattress requires cleaning, we recommend you use professional upholstery cleaners. Please contact your retailer for details. Due to the natural fillings used some migration of hairs is to be expected. These should be brushed off, do not use a vacuum cleaner, as this will disturb the fillings. Do not use chemical cleaners or liquids of any sort – any marks or spillages should be soaked up with an absorbent cloth and the mattress should be left to air until it dries.


For details of the guarantee period, please refer to the mattress label. We make every effort to ensure that your new mattress will give you years of comfort. In the rare event that there is a manufacturing fault, please contact your retailer who will assess the problem and contact us direct.

If a manufacturing fault is found within the guarantee period, we will repair the fault free of charge. We may, in some circumstances decide to replace the product. Where original materials or components are no longer available, we reserve the right to use materials of at least an equivalent quality.

We may have to refuse service where the mattress is in an unhygienic condition, or where these care instructions have not been followed.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.



Your Gainsborough sofa bed is built to the highest standards, with the correct care will provide years of comfort. Here are some top tips for making the most of your sofa bed.

Velvet and Chenille Fabrics

These are soft fabrics, which can crush, develop lines and bruise with use, this adds to the individuality of the fabric over time.. Due to the distinct pile, these fabrics will display colour variation when viewed from different angles.

Natural Cotton and Linen Fabrics

Linens and linen blends have creases that soften over time, these are central to the nature of linen.

Positioning your Upholstery

Direct sunlight and direct heat from radiators or fires will always cause covers to fade or change colour so, if possible, position your furniture away from possible sources of heat and direct sunlight.

We strongly recommend that wooden and delicate flooring is protected from marking by feet by attaching felt pads. Please ensure that your product sits on a level floor to avoid rocking or damage to the frame. Avoid dragging your upholstery and place furniture gently when moving it, as dropping or dragging may damage floors.


Most cushion interiors will lose a proportion of their volume in the first six months. To maintain their shape, shake and your cushions daily. Cushions should also be rotated weekly to ensure even wear on seats and back covers.

General care

  • Dust will cause wear to the fabric, we recommend gently vacuuming your upholstery regularly.
  • We recommend that a professional cleaning company be used to clean your sofa every 12-18 months.
  • Always attend to spills immediately, we do not recommend the use of chemical cleaners and clean water should always be the first choice. If you do use a stain removing product always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines.
  • Ensure chemicals such as hair product sunscreen etc don’t come into contact with your fabric.
  • Be careful with sharp objects such as studs and belt buckles as these can snag even the toughest fabric.
  • We don’t recommend that pets use your upholstery, doing so could result in premature wear and damage.
  • Pilling (or bobbling) can be kept to a minimum with regular brushing and vacuum cleaning to remove excess fibres which gather together to form the ‘pills’.