The 13,000 individual pocket springs and our unique PowerEdge system give you total support across the entire surface. Layer after layer of gorgeous cashmere, merino and alpaca wool, silk, wool and cotton make this Mayfair mattress a dream to sleep on.

Full specification & details


  • Mattress Dimensions:W90cm x L190cm x D32cm


  • Mattress Dimensions:W135cm x L190cm x D32cm


  • Mattress Dimensions:W150cm x L200cm x D32cm

Super King

  • Mattress Dimensions:W180cm x L200cm x D32cm

Product features

  • 13,000 pocketed springs (150cm x200cm)
  • Merino wool, cashmere, alpaca, cotton wool and silk fillings
  • Luxurious Belgian damask
  • Edge support system
  • Traditional hand stitched borders
  • Comfort and firm tensions
  • 10 year guarantee

Available in the following fabrics

  • Merlot (B414) Merlot (B414)
  • Tuscany (B413) Tuscany (B413)
  • Jet (B412) Jet (B412)
  • Quartz (B411) Quartz (B411)
  • Old Burgundy (B410) Old Burgundy (B410)
  • Rackley (B401) Rackley (B401)
  • Tiger’s Eye (B408) Tiger’s Eye (B408)
  • Quicksilver (B406) Quicksilver (B406)
  • Space Cadet (B402) Space Cadet (B402)
  • Onyx (B404) Onyx (B404)
  • Limoncello (B409) Limoncello (B409)
  • Bone (B429) Bone (B429)
  • Cadet (B422) Cadet (B422)
  • Charcoal (A511) Charcoal (A511)
  • Charleston (B403) Charleston (B403)
  • Cream (A509) Cream (A509)
  • Dark Lavender (B423) Dark Lavender (B423)
  • Dim Grey (B426) Dim Grey (B426)
  • Diva Purple (A508) Diva Purple (A508)
  • Flame (B400) Flame (B400)
  • Granite (B405) Granite (B405)
  • Gunmetal (B424) Gunmetal (B424)
  • Japanese Violet (B430) Japanese Violet (B430)
  • Khaki (B407) Khaki (B407)
  • Latte (A519) Latte (A519)
  • Lavender Grey (B427) Lavender Grey (B427)
  • Light Blue (A510) Light Blue (A510)
  • Lilac (A514) Lilac (A514)
  • Lime (A504) Lime (A504)
  • Marine (A521) Marine (A521)
  • Midnight (A502) Midnight (A502)
  • Mink (A515) Mink (A515)
  • Old Silver (B425) Old Silver (B425)
  • Orange (A506) Orange (A506)
  • Orchid (A507) Orchid (A507)
  • Payne’s Grey (B421) Payne’s Grey (B421)
  • Pewter (A513) Pewter (A513)
  • Plum (A500) Plum (A500)
  • Raven (A518) Raven (A518)
  • Red (A503) Red (A503)
  • Salmon (A505) Salmon (A505)
  • Sapphire (A520) Sapphire (A520)
  • Silver Chalice (B428) Silver Chalice (B428)
  • Slate Grey (A512) Slate Grey (A512)
  • Teal (A501) Teal (A501)
  • Truffle (A517) Truffle (A517)
  • Vegas Gold (B431) Vegas Gold (B431)
  • Weldon (B419) Weldon (B419)
  • Wine (A516) Wine (A516)
  • Yankees (B420) Yankees (B420)

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