With all natural fillings of cashmere, mohair, silk and wool, this Mayfair mattress feels as comfortable as it sounds. And it looks the part too; 9000 individual pocket springs and PowerEdge are contained within three rows of hand side stitching, delivering the hand-crafted look that defines a Gainsborough mattress.

Full specification & details


  • Dimensions:W90cm x L190cm x D32cm


  • Dimensions:W135cm x L190cm x D32cm


  • Dimensions:W150cm x L200cm x D32cm

Super King

  • Dimensions:W180cm x L200cm x D32cm

Product features

  • 9000 pocketed springs (150cm x200cm)
  • Comfort and firm tensions
  • Cashmere, mohair, cotton, silk and wool
  • 8 embroidered handles, 4 vents
  • Luxurious Belgian damask
  • Edge support system
  • Traditional hand stitched borders
  • 10 year guarantee

Available in the following fabrics

  • Plum (A500) Plum (A500)
  • Teal (A501) Teal (A501)
  • Midnight (A502) Midnight (A502)
  • Red (A503) Red (A503)
  • Lime (A504) Lime (A504)
  • Salmon (A505) Salmon (A505)
  • Orange (A506) Orange (A506)
  • Orchid (A507) Orchid (A507)
  • Diva Purple (A508) Diva Purple (A508)
  • Cream (A509) Cream (A509)
  • Light Blue (A510) Light Blue (A510)
  • Charcoal (A511) Charcoal (A511)
  • Slate Grey (A512) Slate Grey (A512)
  • Pewter (A513) Pewter (A513)
  • Lilac (A514) Lilac (A514)
  • Mink (A515) Mink (A515)
  • Wine (A516) Wine (A516)
  • Truffle (A517) Truffle (A517)
  • Raven (A518) Raven (A518)
  • Latte (A519) Latte (A519)
  • Sapphire (A520) Sapphire (A520)
  • Marine (A521) Marine (A521)
  • Flame (B400) Flame (B400)
  • Rackley (B401) Rackley (B401)
  • Space Cadet (B402) Space Cadet (B402)
  • Charleston (B403) Charleston (B403)
  • Onyx (B404) Onyx (B404)
  • Granite (B405) Granite (B405)
  • Quicksilver (B406) Quicksilver (B406)
  • Khaki (B407) Khaki (B407)
  • Tiger’s Eye (B408) Tiger’s Eye (B408)
  • Limoncello (B409) Limoncello (B409)
  • Old Burgundy (B410) Old Burgundy (B410)
  • Quartz (B411) Quartz (B411)
  • Jet (B412) Jet (B412)
  • Tuscany (B413) Tuscany (B413)
  • Merlot (B414) Merlot (B414)
  • Weldon (B419) Weldon (B419)
  • Yankees (B420) Yankees (B420)
  • Payne’s Grey (B421) Payne’s Grey (B421)
  • Cadet (B422) Cadet (B422)
  • Dark Lavender (B423) Dark Lavender (B423)
  • Gunmetal (B424) Gunmetal (B424)
  • Old Silver (B425) Old Silver (B425)
  • Dim Grey (B426) Dim Grey (B426)
  • Lavender Grey (B427) Lavender Grey (B427)
  • Silver Chalice (B428) Silver Chalice (B428)
  • Bone (B429) Bone (B429)
  • Japanese Violet (B430) Japanese Violet (B430)
  • Vegas Gold (B431) Vegas Gold (B431)

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