Handcrafted in the UK, the Pisa is inspired by Italian design, comfort
and practicality.
This sofa bed converts seamlessly from a sofa into a bed with a one fold mechanism that takes seconds. The built-in cushions neatly tuck themselves away under the mattress when it’s in sofa bed mode, so there is no need to remove them or store them elsewhere.
Our beautiful and vast fabric choice allow for a calm or ultra-bright and contemporary look.
Shown with cushions which are available as an optional extra.

Full specification & details

Love Seat

  • Overall Dimensions:W162cm x D95cm x H95cm
  • Mattress Size:98cm x 198cm x 12cm


  • Overall Dimensions:W182cm x D95cm x H95cm
  • Mattress Size:120cm x 198cm x 12cm


  • Overall Dimensions:W202cm x D95cm x H95cm
  • Mattress Size:140cm x 198cm x 12cm


  • Overall Dimensions:W222cm x D95cm x H95cm
  • Mattress Size:157cm x 198cm x 12cm

Product features

  • Fully sprung mattress
  • Pocket and Memory mattress available
  • Fibre filled seat and back cushions

Available in the following fabrics

  • Genova Cinereous (B418) Genova Cinereous (B418)
  • Genova Rifle Green (B417) Genova Rifle Green (B417)
  • Genova Prussian Blue (B416) Genova Prussian Blue (B416)
  • Genova Black Grape (B415) Genova Black Grape (B415)
  • Alassio Brown (P383) Alassio Brown (P383)
  • Alassio Aurometal (P384) Alassio Aurometal (P384)
  • Alassio Ashgrey (P385) Alassio Ashgrey (P385)
  • Alassio Pebble (P386) Alassio Pebble (P386)
  • Malta Khaki (B407) Malta Khaki (B407)
  • Malta Granite (B405) Malta Granite (B405)
  • Malta Flame (B400) Malta Flame (B400)
  • Malta Charleston (B403) Malta Charleston (B403)
  • Malta Japanese Violet (B430) Malta Japanese Violet (B430)
  • Linoso Teal (A501) Linoso Teal (A501)
  • Linoso Slate Grey (A512) Linoso Slate Grey (A512)
  • Linoso Salmon (A505) Linoso Salmon (A505)
  • Linoso Red (A503) Linoso Red (A503)
  • Linoso Plum (A500) Linoso Plum (A500)
  • Linoso Orchid (A507) Linoso Orchid (A507)
  • Linoso Orange (A506) Linoso Orange (A506)
  • Linoso Midnight (A502) Linoso Midnight (A502)
  • Linoso Lime (A504) Linoso Lime (A504)
  • Linoso Light Blue (A510) Linoso Light Blue (A510)
  • Linoso Diva Purple (A508) Linoso Diva Purple (A508)
  • Linoso Cream (A509) Linoso Cream (A509)
  • Linoso Charcoal (A511) Linoso Charcoal (A511)
  • Dumfries Wine (A516) Dumfries Wine (A516)
  • Dumfries Truffle (A517) Dumfries Truffle (A517)
  • Dumfries Sapphire (A520) Dumfries Sapphire (A520)
  • Dumfries Raven (A518) Dumfries Raven (A518)
  • Dumfries Pewter (A513) Dumfries Pewter (A513)
  • Dumfries Mink (A515) Dumfries Mink (A515)
  • Dumfries Marine (A521) Dumfries Marine (A521)
  • Dumfries Lilac (A514) Dumfries Lilac (A514)
  • Dumfries Latte (A519) Dumfries Latte (A519)
  • Siena Vegas Gold (B431) Siena Vegas Gold (B431)
  • Siena Bone (B429) Siena Bone (B429)
  • Siena Silver Chalice (B428) Siena Silver Chalice (B428)
  • Siena Lavender Grey (B427) Siena Lavender Grey (B427)
  • Siena Dim Grey (B426) Siena Dim Grey (B426)
  • Siena Old Silver (B425) Siena Old Silver (B425)
  • Siena Gunmetal (B424) Siena Gunmetal (B424)
  • Siena Dark Lavender (B423) Siena Dark Lavender (B423)
  • Siena Cadet (B422) Siena Cadet (B422)
  • Siena Payne’s Grey (B421) Siena Payne’s Grey (B421)
  • Siena Yankees (B420) Siena Yankees (B420)
  • Siena Weldon (B419) Siena Weldon (B419)
  • Genova Merlot (B414) Genova Merlot (B414)
  • Genova Tuscany (B413) Genova Tuscany (B413)
  • Genova Jet (B412) Genova Jet (B412)
  • Genova Quartz (B411) Genova Quartz (B411)
  • Genova Old Burgundy (B410) Genova Old Burgundy (B410)
  • Malta Rackley (B401) Malta Rackley (B401)
  • Genova Tiger’s Eye (B408) Genova Tiger’s Eye (B408)
  • Malta Quicksilver (B406) Malta Quicksilver (B406)
  • Malta Space Cadet (B402) Malta Space Cadet (B402)
  • Malta Onyx (B404) Malta Onyx (B404)
  • Genova Limoncello (B409) Genova Limoncello (B409)