our traditions For over 30 years we have stuck by our founding principles; Quality materials, crafted by hand in Britain. These are the foundation of every Gainsborough product that guarantees you are buying a quality piece that you can rely on.


We make great efforts to source the best materials from around the world. Each filling in our beds has unique properties, and the blending of these materials by our designers and crafts people is the secret to a great night’s sleep. We look to provide as much natural product as possible, from alpaca and merino wool, through to silk and cashmere.


Crafting a bed or piece of upholstery is part science and a great deal of art. The fabric needs to be upholstered to exactly the right tension, the fillings carefully placed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and support. We believe that this can only truly be perfected by hand.


We are proud to be a British manufacturer based in the heart of Wiltshire. British crafts people are still regarded around the world as being among the best, particularly when it comes to the quality end of the market. We believe we make a better product and increasingly customers are looking to source locally produced products that haven’t been shipped around the world.