Why Gainsborough?


A great night’s sleep comes naturally with Gainsborough.

All of our mattresses contain the original hand nested and hand sewn pocketed springs which are the key to the life of the mattresses. Hand nested pocketed spring units are the traditional tried and tested spring system regrettably used by few manufacturers today. This is a very labour intensive spring system to construct but it provides a level surface leaving no gaps between springs and avoids roll together. Each spring moves independently and therefore moulds to the shape of the body and adjusts to differing weights.

We offer a choice of softer, medium and firmer tensions on most mattresses as well as zipped, one piece combination mattresses and cutaway corners, so that each bespoke bed is custom made to your requirements.

We make the majority of our mattresses exclusively from premium quality natural fillings including:

Natural hair
This is an important commodity being very resilient and highly durable. It has an inherent ability to recover to its original shape. Gainsborough Beds containing hair have a distinctive and luxurious feel.

One of the ultimate upholstery fillings, providing unsurpassed softness and durability.

Soft luxurious feel with great durability.

Pure new merino wool
Purest new merino wool provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

A luxury layer which is softer than hair and is responsive and supportive. It remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When carded with wool, silk adds a further soft luxurious feel.

Cotton felt
A primary comfort layer that allows the mattress to breathe and recover shape rapidly.

This is a man-made filling, now widely found in luxury upholstery. Gainsborough Beds feature this in selected models.

Soft white fibre
This is a man-made filling which is hypoallergenic and is beneficial both at the top and base of mattress fillings.

Bonded fibre
A deeper soft white fibre layer offering resilience and comfort.

Should you need a hypoallergenic alternative mattress, then we handcraft that too using only the best synthetic materials.


A premium quality Gainsborough mattress deserves the best possible base. That’s why our two-piece, side-by-side divans feature solid timber surrounds with inset edging springs for smart looks and maximum comfort. Choose from a wide range of matching headboards and storage options – including continental drawers.

The divan bases are constructed using hardwood castor/corner blocks. We strongly recommend that all mattresses are sold with a matching divan base to enhance the comfort and longevity of the divan set.

Our real edge divans are constructed from a solid timber surround with numerous springs inset from the edge offering a clean tailored look with maximum support. All sprung edge divans and real edge divans with or without drawers are made to a standard height of 39cm (15″) allowing for the tolerances of hand tailoring and sewing.

Our high quality bases are always available in our wide range of fabrics.

A sturdy drawer system is available with both larger and smaller continental drawers for ease of opening next to bedside cabinets. The drawer fronts are padded and slide on self closing metal drawer runners.

Bed bases/divans on legs
Three bed bases are available, sprung edge, firm edge and padded top. All are suitable for brass, metal and wooden bed frames. The bases can rest on side rails or be free standing on legs. The legs are available with castors, glides (as shown) or neither. Sprung edge, real edge and padded top divans are 178mm (7″) high.

Individual sleep support system
Double divans are manufactured in two halves length-ways on all sizes except the 120cm size. This matches the lying position of the user and avoids the transfer of weight movement during the night, particularly when one person gets in or out of bed while the other is sleeping. The split divan also aids access to the home and adds to presentation. Discrete divan linking enhances the appeal of these impressive divans. The base moves easily on luxury matching castors.


A selection of colour co-ordinating headboards are available. Headboard bolts allow for hand or screwdriver tightening with two bolts for each headboard strut.


Whether it’s the finest Damasks on our mattresses, or the superb upholstery on our divans, headboards and sofabeds, we source the very best fabrics from across Europe.